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A micelle is a round cluster of cleanser molecules that have both water AND oil attracting properties. The micelles form bubbles that attach to oil to draw out dirt and help wash it away, resulting in an effective and gentle clean for all members of your family.

Safeguard liquid hand soap cleans skin to wash away bacteria, providing essential cleansing to care for your family and prevent the spread of bacteria.


Our mission is to provide products for you and your family and will leave your hands fresh and clean after every single wash. Safeguard your family. Wash away bacteria.



In 1837, William Procter and James Gamble started making and selling soap and candles in Cincinnati, Ohio. This marked the beginning of a rich heritage of soap making for Procter & Gamble including the launch of Safeguard in 1963. For more than 50 years, Safeguard has delivered on the commitment to prevent the spread of bacteria with our soap. With a presence in more than 15 countries, Safeguard continues to introduce new innovations and education programs that help make families smarter and stronger in the fight against unwanted germs.

  • 1963 Procter & Gamble launches Safeguard Deodorant and Antibacterial soap in the U.S. in response to increasing consumer demands for odor and germ protection. Clinical tests reveal that Safeguard reduces bacterial skin count by 99.3%.
  • 1966 Safeguard launches in international markets, beginning in the Philippines.
  • 1990 In the 1990s Safeguard reaches more families than ever around the world as the brand is launched in international markets including China and Pakistan.
  • 1992 Safeguard introduces its first liquid antibacterial soap.
  • 2008 Safeguard joins a group of partners to introduce the first Global Handwashing Day to help spread the message that clean hands can save lives. Today, people from more than 100 countries come together to celebrate the event. Learn more about .
  • 2010 Safeguard introduces its first liquid hand soap.
  • 2011 Safeguard introduces its first hand sanitizer.
  • 2013 Safeguard is sold in more than 15 countries across Asia, Europe, Africa, and Latin America with leadership market share in China and the Philippines.
  • 2016 Safeguard partnered with Save the Children to create a School sanitation program in Pakistan, delivering sustainable intervention in 100 schools in 100 days
  • 2020 Safeguard launched liquid hand soap and hand sanitizer previously only available for businesses, such as hospitals, restaurants, and hotels, in North America. As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread and handwashing became even more critical, Safeguard launched for households in North America to provide families with effective hand soaps and hand sanitizers, which consumers have trusted around the world for many years. Safeguard donates over $10 million in products to organizations and communities impacted by COVID-19 in an effort to help Safeguard America. .


Safeguard Bar Soap with Fresh Clean Scent